SLF Fundraiser


The Fundraiser was a great sucess. Thank you to everyone who attended. Thank you for opening your hearts and wallets and helping us raise so much money.  (View SLF Fundraiser Photo Gallery.)

Thank you to Eric and Jo Britton of Britton’s Barbq for cooking the pork and chicken and organizing the food.
Thank you to Nancy and Jay from Ace Basin Organic Chickens for donating the chickens.
Thank you to Chef Fred from Fat Hen Restaurant for slaw and mac and cheese and auction donations.
Thank you to Chef Drew from Fleet Landing for providing the oysters and cooking them.
Thank you to Mary from Square Onion for the vegetable pasta salad and the auction gift certificate as well as the auction item from Planet Bark.
Thank you to Robin Rhea from Slather Brand Sauce for the salad and sauce and bottles of sauce for the auction.
Thanks to Chef Nix from El Bohio for his personal donation of slaw.
Thank you to Matt Martin from Charleston Crab Company for the deviled crab and serving it.
Thank you to Eileen Hoffman from EZ Catering for the brownies.
Thank you to Merrit Brady of the Pampered Palate Personal Chef for the pasta salad and auction item.

Thank you for all the wonderful music. It was fabulous. Aaaron Levy took the lead with organizing our music. He provide his PA and did the MC job for us as well as sang solo which was great.
Thank you to the Bootknockers, Rustic Remedy, The Leftoriums, and Youngeblood. What a great bunch of talent who all donated their time and talents.

Thank you to Indoor Jump for the 2 jump castles.
Thank you to Joanna Horres for the pony rides.

I can’t even begin to list all of the silent auction donations but we will get a list on the save Legare Farms website soon. We had some unbelievable items offered. Thank you to Auction Chairman Robin Ackary. Robin did an unbelievable job at organizing and carrying out the auction.

I know there are others to thank and I promise to try to not to leave anyone out. Thank you again to everyone.


Legare Farms

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